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Shepherd is your end-to-end learning assistant. Shepherd enables you to self-study, get expert help, get help from your learning community!

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Generate Learning assessments

Study planning

AI tutor

Human tutors

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Shepherd enables you to take notes in a Notion-style editor, making it easy to organize your thoughts and ideas.

Why Shepherd

Ditch multiple apps and have this be your one-stop-shop for all your learning resources.

Shepherd features


Tailored to fit your academic goals while staying within budget



Ad supported

AI powered by GPT-3.5

Access to tutor marketplace

Unlimited manual flashcard creation with spaced repetition

500 AI-generated Flashcards with spaced repetition

Adaptive quizzes

Upload files up to 10 mb limit per file

Take notes in Notion-style editor

30 questions per day to chatbot

Smart reminders

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Everything in Basic

Focused studying: No ads

AI powered by GPT-4

Access to stored videos and transcripts of tutor sessions

Unlimited AI-generated Flashcards/month

Upload files up to 100mb limit per file

Import/Export flashcards from CSV (e.g., Anki)

200 questions per day to chatbots

Study plan (coming soon)

Research assistant (coming soon)

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