Cut Academic Support Costs by Up to 50%

Offer round-the-clock student support at a fraction of the cost with Shepherd's blend of AI and human tutoring.

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Study Planning

Learning Assessments

AI Tutor

Human Tutors

Performance Monitoring

Shepherd instantly creates personalized lesson plans from uploaded curricula and schedules, saving time and enhancing student success.

So, why Shepherd?

Embrace AI with confidence

Partnering with Shepherd gives you control over AI. We work with you to customize AI models and AI prompts and features for your school. Also, SSO signing on with school email, incentivizes ethical usage.

Shepherd features

Reduce student support costs by up to 50%

Shepherd's AI-driven personalization targets individual learning needs, reducing unnecessary broad-spectrum tutoring expenses

Shepherd features

Improve grades, engagement and retention

Shepherd's ensures students always have access to help, improving academic outcomes.

Shepherd features
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